The Scary Transition from Brick and Mortar to Digital: J Crew’s Battle

From catalog to brick and mortar to online stores… Some retail brands are having a hard time making the transition to an almost completely digital retail landscape. Moreover, create onsite experiences to engage with those consumers that might still prefer the brick and mortar experience for now… #Retail#digitization#experientialmarketing#marketing#howto



“Fake News” and Ryan Holiday:

In a time when the phrases “fake news” and ” post-truth” are thrown around so freely, I thought it prudent to share an article written by not only one of the most brilliant marketing minds in the world, but one of my favourite authors; Ryan Holiday. Ryan Holiday’s first book ” Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator ” was effectively the PR guide/mind behind “fake news”. Former director of marketing for American Apparel, PR strategist for Tucker Max, the contraversial Fratire author; Ryan Holiday’s strategic marketing mind will surely make you question what you read… Enjoy the read!


BMW Logo


When you hear or see BMW you think luxury, you think performance.  Founded in Munich Bavaria some 102 year ago in 1916. BMW’s original mandate was aircraft engine production, not cars; BMW got into car production in the early 1920″s. The Quandt family have been longterm shareholders with the rest of the company owned by a public float. Producing cars in Germany, Brazil, India, China, South Africa, the UK and US; BMW is one of the worlds largest automobile producers in the world.


Some think the BMW logo is a rendering of a plane propeller due to its aircraft manufacturing origins. However the most accepted meaning is, it is a close up of the Bavarian flag… You decide…

Bavarian Flag

Empire: 12th largest automobile manufacturer,2,279,503 cars produced per annum, net income 6.9 billion Euro, %50 publicly owned, 29% Stephan Quandt, 21% Susanne Klatten.

Fill Up That Shopping Cart: POSP


Retail giants such as Walmart, Winners, and Canadian Tire have honed in on consumers need to purchase. Ever wonder why there are items between 2-$10 displayed in the lines to the cash in places like Walmart, Winners, and Canadian Tire? They are there for a reason, the last 5 consumer reports show that 6/10 consumers will purchase items between 2-$10 at the POSL (Point of Sale Location). Item’s such as tea, gum, beet chips, small flash lights and such… Now with tax season upon us, TURBO IMPOT decided to try and capitalize on this consumer behavior, albeit slightly out of the normal parameters. Two questions: Are you guilty of this common consumer behaviour? How successful do you think TURBO IMPOT will be at selling this product in this environment?


Adidas Misconception:

Adidas is an acronym for ” All day I dream about sports”.

Origin of Adidas:

Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler, his friends and family called him Adi.

Adolf would make shoes in his mothers scullery and laundry room after he returned from the first world war, his brother Rudolf ( who later formed PUMA) joined shortly after to form Dassler Brothers shoe factory and eventually  Adolf ‘Adi’+ Dassler ‘Das’= Adidas.  

The three stripes represent a mountain and the challenges that athletes face, as well as the “Three Stripe Shoe Method” coined by Adolf Dassler.

Adidas Empire:

Adidas has a current market value 6.8 billion