“Branding” Misconceptions:

The term ” branding” has become one of those terms that has launched itself into a blackhole of business jargon due to it’s ubiquity and gross overuse. If we had an Apple stock for every time we heard the term branding mis-used we would be, well Steve Wozniak… So let’s start with what a brand IS NOT:

  • Your logo
  • Your tagline
  • Your product
  • Your service

 Although the above do play a key role in shaping your brand, they do not define it. Branding is telling a story, it is the promise of a distinct memorable experience. It’s consistency every time someone contacts your brand, every time they e-mail, every time they contact customer service. It’s how you make your customers feel with their purchase decision and how they connect with your brand story on an ongoing basis.

Developing an authentic brand is about consistency, consistently delivering the right message to the right people to create the right reaction…

What is your brand’s story and how are you telling it? What is your brands voice and personality? What distinguishes your brand from others and why?  By 2019 a projected  70% of marketing budgets will be digital in North America. So in a world where buyers are bombarded with content and ads every time they look at their phones, tablets and computers; how do you stand out?




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