BMW Logo


When you hear or see BMW you think luxury, you think performance.  Founded in Munich Bavaria some 102 year ago in 1916. BMW’s original mandate was aircraft engine production, not cars; BMW got into car production in the early 1920″s. The Quandt family have been longterm shareholders with the rest of the company owned by a public float. Producing cars in Germany, Brazil, India, China, South Africa, the UK and US; BMW is one of the worlds largest automobile producers in the world.


Some think the BMW logo is a rendering of a plane propeller due to its aircraft manufacturing origins. However the most accepted meaning is, it is a close up of the Bavarian flag… You decide…

Bavarian Flag

Empire: 12th largest automobile manufacturer,2,279,503 cars produced per annum, net income 6.9 billion Euro, %50 publicly owned, 29% Stephan Quandt, 21% Susanne Klatten.


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