Steeped in Irish culture, Guinness is often thought of as the most globally recognized beer.

The Guinness Harp

The harp, the iconic Guinness emblem is based on the famous 14th century harp “O”Neill” or “Brian Boru” (Ireland’s legendary High King. Boru Vodka later formed in his namesake).

Harp is their first non stout beer, and the “Harp” is the emblem of Ireland, albeit with a slightly different design due to trade marking.  Making the harp not only an icon for this creamy stout but an icon for Ireland worldwide.


There is a a misconception that the majority of Guinness is brewed at St. James gate.

Although still the largest producer of stout in the world producing upwards of 50 million barrels a year not to mention was originally leased to Arthur Guinness for 9,000 years in 1759. Guinness’s parent company Diageo formerly Grand Metropolitan, is the biggest owner/producer of alcoholic beverages in the world and has breweries and distilleries in 49 countries… That being said, three of the five Guinness breweries are in fact in Africa.; with the largest producer being in Nigeria ( Guinness Nigeria PLC).

Guinness Empire: 

Largest producer of stout in the world. Market cap of 4 billion ( as of 2017)




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